You are a wonderful parent and always support Shaker schools. Also, a very positive person!
Kevin Wagner

I endorse Lisa Cremer for Shaker School Board!!! She is committed and dedicated to providing the creative, high quality education our students deserve, and supports the efforts of our wonderful teachers and staff.
Mike Griffith
Head of Lillian & Betty Ratner School
Former Shaker Heights High School Principal

I am excited about voting this Tuesday, Nov. 7th! As a citizen, I believe it is so important to take part in this civic duty. And as a new resident of Shaker and long time teacher at the high school I am proud to be voting for Lisa Cremer. She will be an independent voice and independent thinker on the Shaker School board.
Amanda Ersek
Shaker Heights High School Teacher

As a teacher I’m voting for Lisa Cremer for Shaker Heights Board of Education because she is an independent thinker. She understands the needs of our community and will be an advocate for all of our students.
Mary Coffey
Shaker Heights High School Teacher

I am honored to endorse Lisa Cremer for the Shaker School Board. As a parent of two Shaker students and a former math teacher and math coach in the Shaker Schools I know first hand the challenges that face Shaker Schools and students. Lisa also understands these challenges and I am encouraged by her insight and her advocacy for opportunities for all students and families. Her seat on the board will give a voice to the families in the Lomond area of Shaker as she is the only candidate that lives in this area. Her background in social work gives her an edge in understanding some of the most critical issues in education. Her science and research background have rooted her in sound reasoning and data-based decision making and questioning. I believe Lisa can cultivate the seeds of possibility in Shaker Schools, taking something that is good and making it even better-something great for ALL Shaker students and families.
Christa Krohn
Former Shaker Math Teacher & Math Coach
Shaker Middle School and Shaker High School Parent

As a college professor and a social scientist, I am voting for Lisa Cremer. She understands the importance of high standards in education so that students are prepared for the future. I chose to live in Shaker because of the schools and Lisa shares my vision of what makes a great school system. 
Dan Coffey
Lomond Parent
Professor at the University of Akron

Lisa’s analytical, listening and people skills will enhance the collaborative partnership required of the school board, district and community in providing a quality education for all Shaker students.
Dorothea Polster

We endorse Lisa Cremer for Shaker Schools because we love her passion for the schools and the kids. She is an honest, positive person who will bring her energy and diligence to the board and be able to make an immediate impact. Please join us voting for Lisa.
Patricia & Kevin Zarders

I endorse Lisa Cremer for Shaker School Board. As a fellow scientist, I know she will ask important questions, seek answers and pursue solutions that are evidence-based and data driven. Science involves investigating complex problems in a complex and ever-changing system. I know Lisa will bring this same method to her opportunity on the school board. This, in combination with her community-building experience, will bring about informed, thoughtful and reflective discussions on how best to educate and uplift our students.
Carisa Tilton, PhD.
Co-1st VP Onaway PTO

I endorse Lisa Cremer for Shaker School Board because she is a natural leader and has the best interests of the schools in mind. Within my time of serving on the Shaker Science Advisory Board with her, she has proven to be able think for herself as well as hold the administration accountable for their actions. As a recent grad (‘16) of Shaker Schools, I feel confident in Lisa’s ability to uphold the values of our district and forge a new and improved future for the schools.
Emily Wollman
Shaker Alum (2016)

I endorse Lisa Cremer for Shaker School Board. She isn’t afraid to ask hard questions and she is deeply committed to being transparent and understanding what the community needs. She is tireless. As the mother of young children, I feel she is truly invested in what the Shaker School District has to offer and will add a valuable point of view to the board. 
Please join me in supporting Lisa Cremer on November 7th.
Bev Malone
Former teacher and Lomond parent
Shaker graduate (1993)

I support Lisa Cremer and you should too. As the parent of three girls in pre-K and elementary grade levels, Lisa will bring a valuable and unique perspective to our Shaker School Board of Education. If elected, she will be a representative who will be analytical and thorough, making decisions that will be best suited for not only all the students, but the teachers and community as well. She is committed to supporting the teachers, and realizes what valuable assets they are in our Shaker education. Lisa is a promoter of diversity, respect and compassion. She is determined, focused, and driven to continue learning and growing, doing her due diligence to help make decisions that will best serve our community. I believe that Lisa will work well with the other Board members as advocates for the betterment of Shaker School education, experience and equality.
Rose Lee Clement
Fernway Parent & PTO Secretary

I am endorsing Lisa and I ask that you do the same. She is thorough, thoughtful, open minded, pragmatic and collaborative in every part of her life and I am confident she will be the same for our Shaker Schools. Lisa, as a parent with elementary and pre-K school age daughters, will bring a very valuable perspective to the Board of Education. Her unique and refreshing viewpoint is very important to our school district and to the parents we need to attract and retain in Shaker Heights. Lisa is committed to helping Shaker schools maintain and strengthen their high standards, initiatives and policies, not just for today but also for the future student generation. Her passion for education and this young parent perspective, together with her extensive public health, science and social work professional experience, will be a great strength to our Board of Education and to our city.
Marty Kolb
Former Shaker Heights of Education member

Lisa is highly educated in multiple scientific disciplines, having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton. She also has two Master’s Degrees from Boston University in Social Work and Public Health. Who will care more about the education of our children than someone like Lisa who has made educational achievement a lifelong personal goal? Lisa is a high-energy individual with the personal drive to meet challenges head-on, a quality essential to anyone serving full-time on the Shaker Heights Board of Education. In Lisa, I see toughness, drive, ability and determination to be a full-time representative for Shaker citizens. Lisa has a personal long-term stake in the Shaker Schools as a parent of three young daughters aged pre-K through third grade. She will have children in the Shaker Schools through 2031! No one cares more about keeping our public schools strong than a direct beneficiary of those schools, an involved parent like Lisa. If elected, Lisa will be a representative you can call with a problem or concern; she will work full-time as your school board member; and she will be able to effectively master the facts and data necessary to make informed decisions on behalf of all our children.
Nancy R. Moore
Former Shaker Heights Board of Education member
Current Shaker City Council member

During the 15+ years I taught math at Woodbury along with other initiatives in both K-4 schools and other districts, I have seen first-hand the challenges facing Shaker educators and administrators. These challenges are academic, social, and economic as we work to help all students achieve to their fullest potential. I strongly endorse Lisa Cremer as she brings a unique set of experiences and skills to support the district’s efforts in three critical areas: early education, public health and social work, and STEM education. Of equal importance are Lisa’s personal characteristics of being one who is thoughtful, balanced, hard-working, and open to the ideas of others in constructive discussions: making her an ideal candidate for the Board of Education.
Joe Romano
Former Woodbury math teacher

I am honored to endorse Lisa Cremer as she is someone who not only understands the importance of inquiry and STEM in education, but also recognizes the diverse socio-economic community that we live in and is ready to address the challenges and injustices that some school children face on a day-to-day basis. Lisa’s background in Social Work gives her a unique perspective and has given her the passion to find solutions that will make the Shaker community stronger and to keep our schools at the “top of the class”‘ in innovation, quality, and equity for all school children.
Katy Fuerst
Shaker Heights Parent
Secretary of the Boulevard PTO

We endorse Lisa Cremer. She brings a fresh, new perspective as a young parent in the Lomond neighborhood. Her strong academic credentials and her background position her well to take a scientific approach toward analyzing student learning and helping the district forge a plan to achieve excellence and equity.
Brian and Karen Yusko

I endorse Lisa Cremer because I know that she will look deeply into each issue and gather the information needed to make decisions that are in the best interests of the students in our district. Most importantly, I know that like me, Lisa recognizes that teachers are our district’s most valuable asset, and she is committed to supporting them so they can use their expertise to provide meaningful experiences in the classroom. Please join me in voting for Lisa Cremer for school board on November 7th. I love that Lisa will put our kids and teachers first.
Betsy Potiker
Current Band Boosters & SMS PTO Treasurer
Past SHHS PTO Treasurer

During the 18+ years I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, I’ve seen first hand how critical knowledge in science is. It makes a difference in the development of people, societies & countries. I’m also an immigrant and father of two small kids, who joined this beautiful community 3 years ago. I strongly endorse Lisa Cremer as she brings a unique point of view, especially in her commitment to strengthen the district’s efforts in STEM education. She possesses a rare blend of strategic insight, leadership and compassion.
Manuel Alvarado
Lomond parent
Board member of Lake Erie Ink

I enthusiastically endorse Lisa for Shaker Heights Board of Education because she lives in the Lomond area and Lomond is not represented on the School Board. She also has lower elementary aged and preK children, so she understands the needs of the district’s young families. Please join me in voting for Lisa Cremer on November 7th!
Mozella Colon

I’m so excited to endorse Lisa Cremer for the Shaker Board of Education. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Lisa for 5 years. As a mom of 5 kids, 2 of whom are African American, I am thankful for her views and passion for diversity within the community. She is not only qualified because of her love for her community and schools, her expertise and passion for science, social work and public health, but also because she is incredibly personable and so relatable to everyone she knows. She is driven, disciplined and someone who is gifted at connecting people and making sure everyone knows they are welcomed, seen and heard. Lisa has been connecting with parents, teachers and children long before she ever decided to run for the School Board. She will continue to advocate for us and our children and be involved and passionate, because that is who she is. I don’t think any other candidate will care more about education and our children, or spend the time and dedication needed, than she will.
Brooke Ackley

I endorse Lisa Cremer because I know what an incredible, strong person she is.
Erika LoPresti

I endorse Lisa Cremer because she is a very impressive candidate. She is thoughtful, intelligent, open to change as needed and has a fresh perspective. She also values community engagement.
Beth Pollack

I endorse Lisa Cremer for Shaker Heights Board of Education. Given Lisa’s background in Public Health and Social Work, she will bring a unique perspective to the Board. Her commitment to quality public schools coupled with her passion for continued excellence will serve us well.  Vote for Lisa Cremer on Nov. 7!
Jenny Adams

I endorse Lisa because she is bright, informed, experienced and shows strong leadership skills.
Susan duBois

I endorse Lisa Cremer because of her experience as a mom with young children in the Shaker Schools as well as her priorities for the school system. I also think it is important that we encourage younger candidates for all offices, so they can bring fresh ideas for meeting challenges in the community.
Ellen Ticktin

My wife Chris Wamsley and I are pleased to endorse and support the candidacy of Lisa Cremer for Shaker Heights School Board. We moved to the city forty years ago and both of our children attended Shaker Heights Public Schools. Now empty-nesters, we nonetheless remain committed to sustaining the excellence of the city’s public schools, and feel that Lisa will bring that same commitment to excellence to the job as a member of the Board. She is a highly educated woman who we are confident will dedicate her time and her considerable talents and energy to the job. We also believe that the Board needs passionate, independent-minded members–like Lisa–who will doggedly chart the course that our schools need to follow in order to ensure that all Shaker students have the best educational opportunities possible.
James Wamsley

I am writing to share my enthusiastic support for Lisa Cremer. The Shaker Heights Board of Education is so fortunate to have a candidate of this caliber and dedication. I have had the good fortune of knowing her for the past 5 years from the time our kids were in preschool. Besides being a proactive and involved parent, Lisa can also bring together people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds and build community. She cares deeply about the quality of education and will advocate fairly and passionately for all kids, families, teachers and administrators. She will bring vision, expertise and dedication to our public schools. I know that she wants every child in our city to have the same support and success that she desires for her own daughters. We’re lucky to have such an outstanding person running for election to the School Board. Please support Lisa and vote for her in the upcoming School Board election.
Sahar Mansoor Rizvi

I endorse Lisa Cremer because I agree with the issues she feels need to be addressed.
Eleanor Goldstein

Lisa Cremer blends powerful education and work experience with a passion for Shaker’s children and community. She has the mind and heart to help drive positive change for Shaker’s schools.
Lynn Lilly

I support Lisa because she has more than what it takes to represent the city of Shaker Hts School Board. She has a very authentic love for the people of the community, she is down to earth and yes, a very attentive listener. She is a wonderful mom and a great friend. Also my girls love playing with her girls and I admire the way she acknowledges every parent and child in the Shaker community. She has a heart for people in general and to be honest in these days, we need people like her who care genuinely for the people. God bless and good luck!
Quantina Franklin

I was so impressed with Lisa’s insight at Pearl Ling’s candidate event. She offered new perspectives and fresh views, no doubt attributable to her unique background. All of the candidates are great but she stood out!
Michelle Jackson

I endorse Lisa for Shaker Board of Education because her priorities are aligned with mine.
Pat Cirillo

Lisa is smart and strong. She cares about communication and collaboration. I support her candidacy for Shaker School Board.
Heidi Gorovitz Roberston

Lisa is the kind of exceptional person that the Shaker Heights Board of Education needs.
Mark Filipell

Lisa’s education and background gives a fresh perspective and adds diversity to the current Board.
Shannon Girardi

I endorse Lisa because of her background, charisma, and transparency.
Mary Kathryn Bumgarner

I endorse Lisa because she is passionate about our schools.
Heather Macks

I can feel your love for kids and you put them first above all.
Theresa Vu

You are bright, capable and committed to excellence in education in the Shaker schools.
Judy & Ron Stenta

I know that you are passionate and will put our kids first. I want someone like you to make decisions for our kids.
Kimberly Hayes

Lisa is a very energetic person with a strong motivation to help kids.
Grzegorz Pitas

Lisa has clear vision and communication.
Michael Bell

Lisa is intelligent with the warmest heart.
Sabrina Davies

Lisa would bring a unique perspective to the board, both through her educational and work experience and by being a parent of young school age children.
Chris Ruma-Cullen

Lisa is a proactive parent and leader and is not afraid to voice her opinion, along with researching and providing solutions. She is competent and dedicated and will make great decisions regarding our schools.
Elizabeth Roeder 

I support you because of your passion for children and their overall well-being; educational as well as social-emotional.
Edie Ungar-Shafron

Lisa will be a qualified, motivated, involved, intelligent, informed, and full-time BOE member.
Nancy Moore

Lisa has the professional expertise and sincere desire to keep Shaker schools moving forward.
Shirley Nook

Lisa has a good background to improve the quality of education in the schools.
Annick Moiens

I like your energy, drive & supporters.
Janni Wanner McWilliams

I love Lisa’s passion & commitment to providing a high quality education for Shaker students. She’s more than rhetoric. No detail is too small – she welcomes community engagement and inclusivity. The community couldn’t ask for a better perspective.
Sheri Dozier

I think you are more than prepared for this role! Very involved in the schools!
Heathyr Collins

You are invested in the community and share my values.
Tim Kalan

Great person for this job.
Dan Cooper

Vote for Lisa! She will work hard for our children and education in this city! The type of person that will listen to concerns and go the extra mile for her community.
Sophie van der Westhuizen

Lisa is exactly the kind of person who should be running for school board-smart, capable, completely dedicated. I would be thrilled to have her represent us!
Rebecca Flyckt

I like that Lisa will ask tough questions.
Robin Eisen 

I value your fresh perspective and your interest in all of our schools.
Kelly Burdsall 

U rock! You care, have the energy- physically and mentally- and more than qualified- u are a caring people person with great ideas- oh -and good researcher and great listener:)
Carrie Boland

My good friend, Lisa Cremer, is running for Shaker Schools Board of Education! She is a wonderful mother and advocate for Shaker education! Please support her.
Valerie Bermel

Lisa brings energy and a perspective that will assure that our schools examine and meet the needs of all our students. She gets my vote!
Ellen Roberts

Delighted to endorse Lisa Cremer. She’ll be a strong addition to our school board.
Tod & Jody Podl

A true advocate of ALL students!
Sabrina Scott 

I am excited that my friend and neighbor, Lisa Cremer is running for school board. She will be a wonderful advocate for our children and our community.
Katie Lownes 

Happily endorsing Lisa Cremer for school board! She is willing to really listen and advocate for our kids.
Emily Shrestha 

Lisa is a highly-qualified, thoughtful and committed Shaker parent who will be an excellent Board member.
Mark Kilkenny 

My friend and neighbor, Lisa Cremer, is officially running for an open seat on the Shaker Heights Board of Education. She’s passionate about education and her platform is one of productivity and betterment. She would be an outstanding asset to this board. Way to go Lisa!
Sarah Morin

I feel Lisa represents the best interests of the Shaker schools and its students.
Liz Krantz

Lisa is intelligent, passionate and clear thinking…the best.
Debbie Baum 

I support Lisa for school board because she is dedicated, hard-working and passionate about everything she does.
Rhonda Chapman 

Great person. Amazing parent. Intelligent, thoughtful and dedicated.
David Stainback 

Lisa is extremely qualified and a very strong supporter of Shaker Schools. She is an intelligent listener and will be a thoughtful voice to represent her constituents on the School Board.
Ginger Ratcliffe

Lisa Cremer tirelessly advocates not just for her own 3 children who are or will be in Shaker Schools, but for all children in our community. Her background in social work and advocacy and involvement in her children’s schooling make her an obvious choice for school board. She is a dedicated Shaker parent with the expertise and perspective to add tremendous value to the board.
Deborah Booth Summers

Proud to endorse and support Lisa Cremer for Shaker School Board. She has worked diligently to make our voices heard and will be a strong voice for what’s best for our students.
Carrie Rhodes

Lisa Cremer is a tireless advocate for children and families. She has the heart, commitment, vision, intellect and stamina to serve on the Board of Education. She qualified for the Olympic trials in swimming…she is a distance performer. Dedication, perseverance and compassion drive her and anyone that knows her will tell you the same.
Roxanne & Wael Jaber

Lisa will be a tremendous advocate for our schools.
Katie Wamsley Wozniak

I am happy to endorse Lisa Cremer for the Shaker Heights School Board.
Elizabeth Vokes

You’re young, you’re bright, you have young children in the Shaker schools and you are willing to step up to the plate and make a difference.
Maggie Oviatt

Hello Shaker friends and neighbors! My good friend, Lisa Cremer, is running for Shaker School’s Board of Education! She is a wonderful mother and advocate for Shaker education!!! Please support her.
Sahar Mansoor Rivzi

I stand and will vote for Lisa!
Summer Incledon 

Motivated and ready to serve!
Michael Vaccari 

I’m endorsing Lisa Cremer because she is an independent thinker!
Kelly Moody

Lisa McCoy Cremer is a wonderful advocate for our children!
Missy Gies Wiggins

This lady…solid across the board!!
Katie Kiker

Lisa will be a fresh new voice on the Shaker school board. She cares about our community and our schools.
Fiona Payne & Ian Wollman

Lisa is a thoughtful advocate for the Shaker schools and our community.
Irene & Trent Meyerhoefer

I endorse Lisa Cremer for Shaker Heights School Board.

Charlie Lownes
Harry Kiefer
Olivia Graham
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Bill Grodin
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Molly Machmer
Kristin Highland
Jennifer McCarthy
Kristina Gobel
Hannah Mendelsohn
Mary Petre
Kristen D’Eramo
Barbara Lederman
Aimee Grey
Valerie Crowley
Lori White
Susan Roth
Dan Cooper
Nikki Pulver
Brooke Peppard
Sarah Levinson
Robin Ketchum
Scott Miller
Sarah Miller
Carisa Tilton
Amy Bouthilet
Neeti Sundarish
Pat Leyser
Andrew Geronimo
Dave Jacob
Lori Young
Ieda Warshay
Marci Robertson
Deb Klecha
Beth Bailey
Katie Hannon
Sara Schiavoni
Angie McDonnell
Stefanie Sugar
Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks

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